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Gouvia Marina Car Rentals in Corfu is the best option for sightseeing or for getting your supplies when you arrive in Corfu by yaht. If you and want to explore the island, hire a car in Gouvia Marina at reasonable prices from Corfu Car Rentals.

Gouvia Marina is the first privately owned marina in Greece and is operating since 1996 under this management. The total capacity is 1235 berths, with an additional 520 berths which can be hosted on the dry dock.

The marina is operating all-year-round in a 24-hour basis. Rent a car in Gouvia marina Corfu as you are at an ideal location for sightseeing. The marina is close to many points of interest, as well as Corfu town centre and the Corfu Airport.

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Corfu Car Rentals
Corfu Car Rentals representative will give you all the information and instructions you need, and the best routes to follow. Depending on the duration of your stay, you will be able to visit most of the attractions of Corfu island.

The closest tourist resorts to gouvia marina is -of course- Gouvia, and Kontokali. Within short walking distance is located Corfu Central Hospital too.

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