Our Fuel Policy

When you rent a car you need to refuel before you reurn it. This is the basic rule in order to avoid refuelling service charges.

When you collect your holiday car, make sure you confirm the fuel level with our representative, so you know how much fuel needs to be in the tank when your rental is over. Double check the fuel type suitable for your vehicle. Damage caused by wrong fuel type is not covered by the insurance.

There is a lot of gas stations in Corfu island. You will find one every few kilometers. All of them offer service, so you will not have to tank the car yourself. There is no extra charge for the service, you only need to ask for the amount of fuel you need and open your car’s tank. Payment in cash or card is possible in all gas stations.

Please, remember we do not refund any money for gasoline. This is not possible due to accounting reasons (invoice on our company’s details shall be issued).


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